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The badge of the Thames Police Association. The motto "Primus Omnium" refers to the fact that the Thames River Police was the world's first organised police force.

John Harriott (1745 -1815) Magistrate and originator of the scheme for a Thames Police Office.


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Patrick Colquhoun (1745 - 1820) Superintending magistrate at Thames Police Office and author of two treatises, The Policing of the Metropolis (1795) and The Policing and Commerce of the River Thames (1800).

Chalk drawing of Wapping police office 1798.

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Officer carrying an oar at Wapping New Stairs around 1900.

Supervision Launch "Watch" around 1900.

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Supervision launch "Chowkidah" (Indian word for night watchman) at Waterloo Pier Police Station around 1900.

Supervision Launch John Harriott (1947-1963).

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Supervision Launch John Harriott (1947-1963).

Supervision launch "Watch" around 1900.



A drawing of Supervision launch "Alert" in 1891 taken from Strand Magazine in the article "A night with the Thames Police".

Waterloo Pier around 1900.



Victoria Embankment from Waterloo Bridge looking east.

Waterloo Pier in the 1940's.



A duty boat being inspected at Waterloo Pier.

An officer sculling out to moored duty boats from Waterloo Pier.



A man being rescued from the river in an old style open duty boat.

Waterloo Pier being towed away for a refit.


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Thames Division rowing galley in the Upper Pool, below Tower Bridge.

Supervision launch Patrick Colquhoun (1963 - 2003) at Wapping.


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Thames Division Punishment book (1839-1865).

Handcuffs at Wapping Museum.



Thames Division cutlass (Hanger) and scabbard from museum.

Thames Division cutlass and sword from museum.


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A pistol at the Wapping Museum

Superintendents tipstaff from Thames Museum.

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Underwater Search equipment from 1990's from museum.

The dead from the Princess Alice being brought ashore at Woolwich.

The dead being brought ashore at Woolwich.

Identification of possessions at Woolwich.

Identification of possessions at Woolwich.

The Princess Alice raised.

The Princess Alice raised.

Thames officers searching the Princess Alice

Thames officers searching the Princess Alice

Single engined duty boat (RDB) Thames Trainer moored at Wapping.



Two Targa duty boats "John Harriott" and Gabriel Franks" moored at Wapping.

Two single engined duty boats moored at Wapping.



Wapping Police Station today.

The Company ensign of the Princess Alice (1878) From Thames Museum.

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