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Match the National Water Safety Signs to their meanings
Hint: hover your mouse over each picture to see the answer!

Prohibition signs - tell you not to do something
No water skiingNo fishingNo sailingNo sub-aquaNo snorkellingNo motorised craft
No surfingNo runningNo windsurfingNo swimmingNo divingNo rowing
Information signs - give general information
Snorkelling areaFishing areaSwimming areaSub-aqua area
Mandatory signs - give instructions to do something
Life jackets must be worn 
Warning signs - tell you about a hazard
DANGER - Strong CurrentsDANGER - Sudden dropDANGER - Deep waterDANGER - Shallow waterDANGER - Thin iceRowing area
Windsurfing areaDiving areaMotorised craft areaWater skiing areaSurfing AreaSailing area
No motorised craft
Surfing Area
No water skiing
Windsurfing area
No swimming
No rowing
Strong Currents
No running
Water skiing area
No snorkelling
No sub-aqua
Shallow water
Swimming area
Diving area
Sudden drop
Motorised craft area
Rowing area
No sailing
Sailing area
Snorkelling area
Deep water
No diving
Thin ice
Sub-aqua area
No windsurfing
Life jackets must be worn
No fishing
Fishing area
No surfing

Open water is dangerous even when there are no warning signs.

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